Case Management

  • Provide testing for accountability via a 16-panel urinalysis cup (includes fentanyl, K2, and alcohol). Breathalyzing, Sober Link, and Bac Trac View are also available for real-time alcohol consumption accountability.
  • Assist client with medication management, providing apps and oversight. Phone calls and check-ins as needed. Med counts, as necessary.
  • Provide real-time GPS oversight if needed through the ISharing app.
  • Help client find transitional housing, whether it be sober living environment or permanent housing opportunities in the community
  • Provide resource and referrals to therapists and treatment.
  • With the clients written consent, communicating, and collaborating with client’s physicians and practitioner, and primary contact. Provide updates on progress and inform of any concerns.
  • Advocate on client’s behalf, i.e., attend court proceedings, write letters, and provide testing logs.
  • Case manager will be responsible for providing crisis management should the need arise. This includes coordinating the care and facilitating any necessary travel or action to get the client to help and safety.

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